Pair 78 # Here's to not knowing
One of the things I've learned about myself and also about my business over the years is: "Lots can happen."

Lots can happen. Make that a motto.

I don't have to look far in my life to see the truth in this.

Sometimes things shift in the very moment I'm thinking "this will never happen."
And the only times I've really regretted are the times I wasted worrying something
would never happen that I didn't have control of over anyway.  Then there all the things I missed because I was looking the other way.

what if we...
  • Don't assume today is a predictor of anything at all
  • Don't assume today's No or today's numbers mean anything about tomorrow
  • Assume we don't know
  • Assume what we see cannot possibly be ALL there is

In order to live in a world where we don't assume, it doesn't mean
taking in zero information. But it does mean evaluating information

Like refusing to make everything mean something about me!

I want to strip away all the meaning that we make about how things WILL turn out, all our predictive and unfounded scenarios (all attitudes that shut down our creativity) and focus on what I do not know. 

Out of what I do not know, comes all possibility

Please pull out your project plans now and  look them over and ask yourself: where have I Ieft room for what I do not yet know? 

Where have I shut myself down because I am assuming I know everything and what everything means?

Where have I made mistakes because I am assuming that the limits of my thinking are equal to the limits of the my possibilities?


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