The last couple of days I've had a couple of conversations about how I started my radio show and what my intent and core values are around it. I stopped to consider.

I thought I might share what I found because as I wrote my six basic principles I discovered a few things:
  • I have some stuff I do believe (pretty strongly, as it turns out)
  • It's been very interesting to write them down and see them staring back at me
  • writing them down gave me the chance to check and see if I really did believe them and operate out of them.
The radio show and most of what I do, whether it is working with people or teaching transformative coaching in Supercoach Academy, is all about the nature of change.  So these principles are really focused on how I think change comes about.  A New Way To Handle Absolutely Everything implies change.  It became clear as I wrote down these things, that I have very specific ideas about what change is and where it comes from.  

Here are my ideas

  1. Personal change comes from thinking differently (not from anyone else's magic)
  2. People have everything inside them that they need already - there is nothing to 'get' - not love or anything else
  3. Wisdom is what you hear when you clear the noise in your own mind (no one else's wisdom will do!)
  4. When we clear the noise we always know what to do next
  5. Teachers can share what they know, but only testing it for yourself will tell you if it's for you
  6. Daily life doesn't change if we don't apply teachings in practice in our lives

I am not suggesting these ideas are true for everyone.  In fact what is interesting for me is to notice just how much I've built my radio show on these ideas and completely they are reflected there.  The website too.  

So I was wondering, would you like to share yours?  What are some of your Operating Principles that lie behind your business for example?  What about your ideas of what creates a successful relationship? 

When you have these, share them here (or with someone you love).
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