Pair #26 What's in Your Wallet?
With Michael Neill joining me on the show on Friday, May 7th and Money as our topic, I've been thinking ... how's my relationship with money these days?

Many of us have a bi-polar relationship with money. When we have it we worry we will lose it. When we don't have it, we worry we never will. And somehow, no matter how much we have, it never seems to be enough.

Quickly take your money temperature:  How much of your time is spent thinking about money?  How much of your energy will be spent today worrying about money?  How many days or months has that been the case?

A few years ago I'd have run a high fever on those questions.   I tortured myself with money worries and then (and with some good help from Michael actually) I got better at seeing the difference between my situation and my thoughts about it. I saw that my mind was tied up in worry and I was living in a disaster film of my own creation. Once I stopped doing that, I freed up my creative mind. 

I can't tell you how to be a millionaire, but I can tell you this:  I never solved any problem by applying worry to it.  I solve problems by relaxing and not taking my own thinking so seriously and then acting on good ideas. 

It is possible to use your vivid imagination to formulate your next step rather than just allowing it to create disaster scenarios in a daily loop. This took me a bit of practice to do, but you'll get the hang of it. It means you can have an easy relationship with money. And everything else.

For more on what you can do try my Tips and Ideas pages  on stress and thoughts and ... I hope you'll join us for the show

And I'd love it if you'd share what you do to relax about money and get creative.
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