Pair #73 Death reminds you to think about who you need to call
We released Rod's ashes to the sea.

I've never attended a ceremony like this and I'm not sure there is anything quite like a surfer's memorial, when your buddies paddle out together, form a circle and release their friend's ashes into the water.
I didn't know Rod. But my boyfriend did.  As I watched him in the circle with 5 other guys who considered it a privilege to have known Rod,  it reminded me how there is no guarantee you'll be here tomorrow.  I was thinking...

We have this notion that when 'death comes knocking' we'll have plenty of time to answer the door... pick up a few things along the way, grab our hat and coat, kiss the dog.

But I actually want to be complete with my life in each moment.  So much so that if I miss the knock and whoosh, I'm just gone suddenly, I've taken care of all my resentments and grudges.  I've made peace, today. Right now.  The legacy that I want to leave is that people in my life know I love them.  No one is left wondering.

Sorry, no time to make a will.  Got to make a few calls first.
Pair #72 Seeing the truth about education
If you want to really look at how our current educational system hampers human capacity, plus be amazed and learn something you won't forget - this is the best 11 minutes you'll spend today.

Sir Ken Robinson is genius on any given day, but he's particularly swell when deftly animated by RSA Animate.

My favorite quote from this talk is "We should be waking children up to what they have inside".  Instead, he says, we are anesthetizing them.

His observations and insights on what is wrong with how we educate children is chillingly accurate.  And it doesn't have to be this way.
For more about Sir Ken and his work click on his picture
Sir Ken Robinson, Bring on the learning revolution!