When the purpose of self-development (or spiritual growth) is to ensure we never have anger or make another mistake again, we are headed for disappointment.
Elese hosts and reflects with listeners on the true purpose of change.

Ami Chen Mills interviews me on the story of my life and spiritual journey through Christian Science, A Course in Miracles, to The Three Principles and my most recent realizations.  And my Mom calls in!

Elese talks with Ami Chen Mills-Naim of the Center For Sustainable Change about the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought and how they work in daily life. A great show on how 'abstract' principles play out in our relationships and our lives and how our awareness of them makes a difference.
Dedicated with love and appreciation to the significant others in our lives.
The art of inner leadership is what Hiro Boga teaches. For her, the metaphysical is downright practical business, and our sovereignty lives in the choices that we make in the day-to-day.

Hiro Boga and I explore the way you cultivate a relationship with your own potentiality, the radical notion that we are already safe, and how to rule your own inner world.

Visit Hiro online at www.hiroboga.com

This week we explore the different and very personal pathways to spiritual growth with Swami Kriyananda, a well-known direct disciple of yogi master Paramhansa Yogananda (Autobiography of a Yogi).  We talk about Swamiji's life and learnings and his life's work to continue to spread Paramhansa's teachings

Swamiji is a teacher of meditation and yoga for thousands of people around the world. For the last sixty years, he has been helping others to awaken their own sense of divine truth. Swamiji has authored numerous books, including his latest “The New Path: My Life with Paramhansa Yogananda". 

Read "The New Path" for free
for more go to:
 http://www.swamikriyananda.org/ and http://ananda.org

Have you ever wondered exactly what you are? Maybe you've heard that you 'create' your life - but how does that work? Howard Falco guests for this radical and eye-opening look at the very nature of you.

We  explore Howard's new book and how you can powerfully create your life in a more direct and deliberate way in this very moment.

Howard Falco is a spiritual teacher and speaker specializing in the power of the mind. He an expansion of consciousness which, over the course of the last 8 years, has lead him to share and to write some of the most powerful and life-changing information on the nature of reality and life. His upcoming book is I AM: THE POWER OF DISCOVERING WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

More information about the book and his work can be found on his website: http://Howardfalco.com/

On Youtube you can watch his series "2 Minutes of Truth" 

Live on Friday, August 20th, 10 am Pacific

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More about Howard's book.... this vid is cool!
Peter Fenner and I explore 'Radiant Mind' - unconditioned awareness in which nothing is needed and nothing needs to be taken away.

You actually can feel during the show how Buddhist nondual wisdom can integrate naturally with the complexities of daily commitments.  I love that Peter talks about

* the anti-frantic environment
* how to stop making a problem out of having problems
* why we get stuck when we think there is more to know than we know right now
* why we don't have to make anything better

Peter helps us understand how to be in the 'experience of unconditioned awareness' which allows painful thoughts and feelings to dissolve.

Over 38 years Peter has distilled the essence of traditions like Zen, Dzogchen and the Buddhist Middle Way, and adapted them to suit our post-modern culture.
He teaches worldwide and  has written extensively on Buddhist nondual traditions, including his latest book: Radiant Mind: Awakening Unconditional Awareness.

Don't miss his 9-month Radiant Mind Course in Vancouver BC, May 7, 2010 - Feb 20, 2011

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August Turak is a successful businessman, entrepreneur, award winning author, and worldly monk. His  thirteen years experience with the monks of Mepkin Abbey, have defined his mission to teach others how Service and Selflessness will not only build dramatically more successful individuals, families, and organizations but provide a sustainable solution to our current economic crisis.  As he put it "it is in our interest to forget our self-interest". A fascinating show on walking the line between Self and Selfless, Great Faith and Great Doubt.

His Templeton prize winning essay ‘Brother John’ and other works including “The Business Secrets of the Trappists” are available on http://augustturak.com
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Actually the show was called "Tasting Liberation with Big Mind and Genpo Roshi".  My goodness, we certainly did that and much, much more. 

Roshi takes me through the paces, live on air, demonstrating the lastest 'spiritual technology' and his newest addition to the Big Mind Process since his book Big Mind Big Heart was published in 2007. 

An amazing guest and an amazing show!

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Don Goewey, author of Mystic Cool, talks about how spiritual insights, neuroscience and psychology come together.  He gave tips for ending stress with two simple techniques including his "Clear Button". 

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