Thrive right now in this economy?  Absolutely! says Justin Rohner and he’ll tell you why and how on our show about developing and nurturing a money mindset for a better business and a better life. 

Justin Rohner is a force to be reckoned with. He is a genuine, gifted, and giving teacher and his Business Prosperity Course has earned him the name ‘dynamite coach’. His clients testify to experiencing  personal and professional growth and prosperity and a new sense of direction and purpose.

He can be found on http://JustinRohner.com

Broadcast Friday, September 24, 10 am Pacific
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What would your life be like if money was no more or less frightening to you than a wooden log or a can of paint?  Michael Neill on how to transform your relationship with money and begin living your life independent of financial concerns.

Michael Neill is simply one of the world’s finest coaches and the author of  several books including Amazon’s recent #1 best seller ‘Supercoach: 10 Secrets to Transform Anyone’s Life.’

He hosts a hugely popular weekly talk show on HayHouseRadio.com and is the Founder of Supercoach Academy, a Transformatve Coaching Training program that has brought together the world’s best coaches to teach under one roof. Find Michael’s acclaimed weekly coaching tips on his website at http://geniuscatalyst.com

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This week two gurus of the power of personal accountability (and awfully nice people) are spilling the beans about what it really takes to achieve what matters most to you. What you hear may surprise you!

Mark Samuel, President and founder of IMPAQ, and Sophie Chiche, COO of IMPAQ are two practical visionaries who have been working on personal and business transformation for decades. Sustainable success in this global marketplace is on our agenda.

A MUST show for anyone who wants to learn the secrets of two masters in human potential!

Mark and Sophie will also be giving away their book: The Power of Personal Accountability to a listener.

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