The art of inner leadership is what Hiro Boga teaches. For her, the metaphysical is downright practical business, and our sovereignty lives in the choices that we make in the day-to-day.

Hiro Boga and I explore the way you cultivate a relationship with your own potentiality, the radical notion that we are already safe, and how to rule your own inner world.

Visit Hiro online at www.hiroboga.com

Aired Live Friday, February 4th
We know death is part of the natural cycle of life and yet it is a source of much heartache and pain for those left behind. Losing a loved one can bring each of us to the depths of sadness and heartbreak before we begin to step forward again. Could this difficult time also be a time to discover a courageous and powerful piece of ourselves?

My guest this week is Kristine Carlson. Her latest book “Heartbroken Open” is a memoir about her journey to heal after the unexpected and sudden death of her beloved husband and New York Time’s best selling author Richard Carlson (“Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff” series).

Visit Kristine Carlson at www.kristinecarlson.com

This week, my guest Allan Flood tells us about how his world was turned upside down when he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1986. In the years following his diagnosis, Allan embarked on a journey to find peace, and ended up devoting his life to understanding the healing resources of himself and others.

His recently released book, “Perfect Misfortune – The 2010 Edition”, was rewritten and updated from the original book first published in 1999. This new edition features all of the same inspiration as the first book, along with additional insights and knowledge about the mental and spriritual strength it takes to heal.

Allan has recovered sensation in much of his body and has been free of new symptoms for several years. He continues to enjoy an active lifestyle.

Visit Allan at www.allanflood.com

Aired Live on December 10th
What is the relationship between internal change, external change and activism? My guest this week is Roy Holman, yoga-instructor, world traveler and author of “Healing Self, Healing Earth: Awakening Presence, Power and Passion”.

Roy and I explore how healing your own heart can heal the world.

Roy is founder of Holman Health Connections. Visit him on the web at www.holmanhealthconnections.com

At a time of lay-offs and foreclosures, even the most solid coping skills can be severely tested.  My guest Daphne Rose Kingma and I talk about how to keep your sense of equanimity, spirit and strength as you traverse life's trials.  In the midst of chaos, how to find rest, peace and the heart for recovery?

To see her Ten Things, click here

Daphne Rose Kingma is an undisputed expert on matters of the heart. She is the author of ten books on love and relationships. Her latest book is Ten Things to Do When Your Life Falls Apart.

Daphne has been a six-time guest on Oprah. Her work has been featured on hundreds of radio programs, as well as in newspapers and magazines throughout the country. A charismatic speaker, Daphne presents keynotes and workshops around the world including for the Esalen and Omega Institutes. Daphne is also a highly esteemed emotional healer, providing insight, transformation and healing of the heart.

Find her on www.the10thingsbook.com

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How many times have you said you hated your body? Our bodies go everywhere we go, they carry all our scars, flaws, and 'flab' in plain view. They are rarely perfect. And seem always to fall short when compared to other people.   When we feel bad about not stacking up, diet plans, surgery and exercise programs are right there to help us swap out the external image we see for a better, newer, younger-looking version. And then are we happy? Has it worked? 

Freeman Michaels and I talk about much more than body issues. The show covers how to create a new relationship with discomfort, why judgement blocks healiing and how compassionate observation is the key to releasing weight and our painful body histories.

Freeman Michaels is a speaker, workshop trainer and author, his most recent work is Weight Release: A Liberating Journey. 

Visit Freeman Michaels here..

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I talk with Jason Lee Mitchell on the power of "sharing presence" as we explore the variety of human connection –not just with others but also with ourselves.

This is a very beautiful hour discovering the power of presence and Jason is truly committed to help people create and strengthen their human connections. He talks about why experiencing our openness creates less fear - not more.

Jason teaches ‘Sharing Presence’ Workshops in London, and around the globe. Using his background in film and theatre, he now dedicates his life to Sharing Presence workshops and writing as a medium to inspire each of us to share our true self in a way that is in harmony with life.

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Recently I've been testing the idea that 'suffering is optional' to see if it's more than a soundbite.  I've found some interesting things.  One that suffering is, actually, a choice. And two, that despite that, painful things do happen.  I can see  that sounds like a contradiction, so in the show I retrace  how I learned to meet my thoughts with understanding and to loosen my mind from the grip of repetitive thinking. 

I promised to post the ways you can get more familiar with your witness, from Wayne Dyer's Your Sacred Self (paraphrased in some sentences) Here you go:
  • Notice the noticer.
  • As you notice the noticer, remind yourself you cannot be hurt or suffer in any way. (you have a body, but you are not your body)
  • Use this affirmation: "In my world, nothing ever goes wrong". 
  • When you find yourself troubled say: "I am more than what bothers me"
  • Open to the idea that this will work for you - you've been conditioned to belief that your body is the essence of your humanity.
  • Don't evaluate your progress at noticing the witness
  • Practice new kinds of self talk. (You'd never say, "I am my broken leg"!) so let the noticer say "I am that which owns this body..."
  • Practice observing thought 30 minutes a day

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Lynne Klippel, author of Overcomers Inc  and I talk about true stories of hope, inspiration and courage from her book.  We all have days when we'd rather just stay under the covers, and then we have days we wish we weren't born at all.  No matter what the circumstances, it helps to know that others have made it through similar tough times and come out the other side. 

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Jack Armstrong: Lessons From The Source
Jack Armstrong, author of the marvellous book "Lessons From The Source" joins me to talk about whether the best gift this Christmas couldn't be the gift you give to yourself.

A gift to yourself?  How selfish... we explore how your peace is a gift to others

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