Elese talks with Gabriela Maldonado-Montano about freedom from obsessive thinking.

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Ami Chen and I talk in depth about letting go of the past and flying in the unknown.

The show falls on a date that everyone recognizes.  It seems to me the perfect opportunity to hold an encompassing and open conversation about hate, tolerance and forgiveness. Accompanying me will be Bill Cumming, the founder of What One Person Can Do (a program you've heard me talk about many times, based on loving kindness and the power within) and a man and father with first hand experience of our topic. At a young age his own daughter was brutally attacked (she is fine and thriving today).  Bill has since dedicated his life to understanding and addressing the roots of violence.

Do you believe there are some people who cannot, by the nature of their actions, be deserving of forgiveness?  What is our definition of forgiveness?
Bill has been doing transformational work for 30 years in schools, prisons, rape crisis centers, businesses and organizations of all kinds.  His work is accessible to everyone in a conversation called ‘What One Person Can Do’ and he can be found on www.oneperson.net

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