Dealing with what we cannot change and what is out of our control. 

How do we do it without losing our minds, our sanity and our equilibrium?

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Breaking habits when your willpower is weaker than water.  We talk about the many different ways we try to break habits and why some work and some don't. We examine the two levels on which we change anything in life and learn how to become deeply satisfied rather than just self-improved
We are very hard on ourselves. Some would say, for good reason. 
I'd say, I'm not sure you can harass yourself into happiness. 

I ask the question, why is self-punishing seen as the best answer to our flub-ups?
What is the effect in our lives when even well-intended change programs becomes relentless self-critiques? We talk about ways to implement change when you want to and how to be with your mistakes.
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If you wanted to feel completely in your well-being, where would you look?
I explore the nature of health, well-being and how to look behind the symptomology.  Could it be that all health is mental health?

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