The art of inner leadership is what Hiro Boga teaches. For her, the metaphysical is downright practical business, and our sovereignty lives in the choices that we make in the day-to-day.

Hiro Boga and I explore the way you cultivate a relationship with your own potentiality, the radical notion that we are already safe, and how to rule your own inner world.

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Elle and Michael D'Amore  join me to talk about the art and the dance of being a couple.  It's all about being together, yet separate. They share what they know from teaching others, but primarily how they are dedicated to each doing their part in their own couple. 

Dr. Michael is a holistic, Principled Chiropractor and Elle is a relationship coach, together they have a practice in San Diego.  Connect with them on Facebook

Aired Live Friday, February 4th
We know death is part of the natural cycle of life and yet it is a source of much heartache and pain for those left behind. Losing a loved one can bring each of us to the depths of sadness and heartbreak before we begin to step forward again. Could this difficult time also be a time to discover a courageous and powerful piece of ourselves?

My guest this week is Kristine Carlson. Her latest book “Heartbroken Open” is a memoir about her journey to heal after the unexpected and sudden death of her beloved husband and New York Time’s best selling author Richard Carlson (“Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff” series).

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